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Product Overview

AcoustaCORK like the name suggests is an acoustic barrier made from Cork. What this product does is ensure that any

sound transfered between floors or back into your unit is minimised. Cork sub-floors have been used throughout Europe for a long time now for the purpose of insulation to music rooms,  nightclubs, gymnasiums and high-rise units due to its high absorption qualities.

The AcoustaCORK Underlay product is produced from a blend of different sized cork grains and compressed to a certain density to minimise the step and impact sounds.
Among the many characteristics of AcoustaCORK underlay, the product is very lightweight, making  transport and handling of the product on site easier for the installer.
AcoustaCORK underlay is now available in two different types. The first is the standard 6mm thickness for the highest acoustic ratings on the market. The second is our new 2mm AcoustaCORK which also comes with a plastic backing. This provides the perfect solution for those jobs that need an acoustic, but not neccesarily needing a complete Acoustic solution like the 6mm cork, which means it saves you money as well. Both the 2mm and 6mm have been manufactured to European and United States standards which is why when it comes to Australian standards, it passes easily!
Application of the 6mm underlay can be either direct stuck to the sub-floor or floating, the 2mm is for floating only. AcoustaCORk 6mm can be used as a sub-floor under tiles, vinyl, laminate, solid timber, parquetry and pre-finished hardwood flooring. AcoustaCORK is also designed for use on ceilings and walls.
Having the strongest acoustical components on the market, AcoustaCORK underlay is the most silent and comfortable flooring on the market today. Most importantly, AcoustaCORK is very cost effective.