WOCA Coatings & Maintenance


WOCA Coatings, based in Denmark boasts an amazing range of oil products & maintenance products.
Believe it or not, but most pre-finished products in Australia are finished in WOCA coatings!
With the maintenance products first to join our range, we are excited to be able to offer you these handy products;


Wood Cleaner

WOCA Wood Cleaner is used whenever a wood floor is to be oiled, whether for the first time or for maintenance oiling as well as for deep cleaning for all floor types. This particular cleaner is like none other in that is actually removes gyprock and dust from between the grains! The floor is mopped with a mixture of Wood Cleaner and water in order to clean the floor and to open the grain so that a maximum amount of oil can penetrate the floor surface.

Coverage: approx 400m2 per L


Woca Natural Soap is used for general cleaning of oil floors. When periodic cleaning is necessary, the oiled floor is damp mopped with a solution of Woca Natural Soap & warm water. The solution cleans the floor, strengthens the finish and increases water resistance.

Coverage: approx 350m2 per L



Vinyl & Lacquer Soap is a highly concentrated general cleaner for all coated products. This includes laminate, cork, timber and pre-finished floors. WOCA Vinyl- and Lacquer Care strengthens the surface as it protects against wear and tear and scratches and in that way, it prolongs the life of the lacquered surface. Simply dilute with water and mop floor as normally.

Coverage: approx 400m2 per L


Please enquire about the full range of products available!