Crain Accessories


No. 565 | 18’ (5.5m) Strap Clamp
The Strap Clamp is designed to clamp and hold timber planks across widths up to 18 feet (5.5m). Each Clamp has a nylon strap coiled inside the housing. No more straps all over the floor in the way of your work. New extra-long base will work under toe spaces. A real time-saving design!


Plastic-Spacers No. 562 | Plastic Spacers 05-562
These great accessories provides you with an easy and quick solution for maintaining expansion gaps. Their U-shaped design ensures they won’t tip over in the gap. Each Spacer is 4.7mm wide on one end and 6.4mm on other end for various gap sizes. 10 spacers included in each bag.




Wall-SpacerNo. 564 | Wall Spacer
This handy tool is used to space boards away from walls or kickboards to maintain expansion gap. It also helps to clamp the floor and can be easily tightened. The Wall Spacer can even be used to close end joins on boards. For extra tightening an Allen key can be used on the rear of the tightening knob.





Ratchet-SpacerNo. 592 | Ratchet Spacer 05-5624
These powerful spacers can easily reposition several rows of planks. Simply insert on the edge of the floor up against the wall or skirting and squeeze the trigger. The Ratchet Spacer is made of an all steel mechanism with heavy duty felt pads for the floor and wall. Sold in a set of two.


Staple-Set-ToolNo. 558 | Staple Set Tool
This Set tool can manually drive hardwood staples and L Shaped Cleats into timber after misfires. Its small design means it can be used closed to walls and in tight spaces. This is made from durable hardened steel with a touch polyurethane grip/ hand guard.


Flex-Undercut-SawNo. 338 | Flex Undercut Saw
As the name suggests, this long flexible blade bends at the floor for undercutting, while the longer handle delivers greater force. Both sides of the blade have double row of staggered ultra-fine teeth for easy starts and smooth cutting. A handy tool for all installers.



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