Bamboo has been used for over 5000 years, it is superior in quality, more durable than hardwood and is extremely stable in all weather conditions.

Bamboo flooring is lightweight, easy to install and has many textures to choose from. Bamboo is available in two great colours, natural or coffee.

Marques Flooring, unlike most other suppliers, have been using the same source of bamboo since bamboo was first released in Australia. Why have we done this? Because we are 100% confident that we have the best quality bamboo available and you can be assured you are getting the best product for your project.

What Bamboo will do for your home, is exactly that, make it a home. Its warmth, elegance and pure superior quality will give you a pure sense of satisfaction in knowing that you have picked the absolute best.

Hot Press vs Cold Press Laminates

Bamboo products are manufactured in one of two different ways. Bamboo is essentially fibers of bamboo compressed together and stabilised with resins. Once the resins are added to the bamboo product it then goes into either a cold press system or a hot press system. This is where the quality of bamboo in Australia changes! A hot press system is where the Bamboo product is pressed and heated for 2 hours. A cold press system is where the Bamboo product is pressed in colder temperatures for 72 hours. Obviously it can be seen that the hot press system enables manufactures to make a lot more bamboo than in a cold press system, thus lowering the cost. (This is how nearly all bamboo is created) The downside to this however is that this method is highly unstable whereas the cold press system allows the resins to penetrate the bamboo fibers correctly. There is also much more control over the colour variation with a cold press system. As it can be seen, whilst more expensive, the cold press system provides a much more stable product to keep your mind at ease!

Density does not mean more stable!

A common myth in the industry is that the more dense or heavier the bamboo product the more stable that the product will be. This is not true. To give you an example of this we can compare two well known timbers, Northern Box and Spotted Gum. Northern Box whilst being one of the softest timbers is actually one of the most stable timbers available. On the other hand, Spotted Gum is one of the hardest and most dense products available, however whilst still stable in general it is far less stable than the comparison soft timber of Northern Box!

At Marques Flooring we sell two types and 3 brands of bamboo:

ARC Click Bamboo Flooring (for floating application)

arc_bamboo ARC Bamboo contains the world famous Uniclic joining system on all four sides, making it the easiest bamboo product on the market to install. This offers you 100% guaranteed joins and easy installation. ARC Bamboo is designed to be floated over underlay and is available in many great colours, Coffee, Natural and Brushed Ebony are just some of the great colours available. ARC Bamboo is also available in a stunning wide board given each room in your house added depth and size. Each board is 1.85 long by 135mm wide and is still 14mm thick. for more information on ARC Bamboo simply give us a call.


Benefits of ARC Bamboo

  • Solid Strandwoven Construction for additional stability
  • Genuine Uniclic profile on all four sides, the worlds best!
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • 25 Year Residential Wear  Warranty (conditions apply)
  • Cold Press Manufactured (read about the differences below)
  • Up to 10 coats of scratch resistant coatings. 



Clever Bamboo Flooring (for floating application)

Clever_Bamboo_Logo.jpgClever Bamboo is another one of the leading brands in Australia. They boast a very easy click system and stable solution to bamboo flooring. Clever Bamboo has a great range of colours and stains so there is bound to be one that takes your pick! The Clever Bamboo range gives you a nice wide board width of 122mm wide and a great length of 1.85cm. The 14mm thickness adds to the stability of this great product as well. Check out there range below and give us a call if you have any further questions. (Samples available in store)





Strandwoven Tongue and Groove Bamboo (for direct stick) strandwovennatural.jpg

Strandwoven Bamboo is generally 96mm wide and 14mm thick and comes in lengths of up to 2m long. Strandwoven bamboo is designed to be direct stuck to the sub-floor with polyurethane adhesives. A moisture barrier is strand-woven-carbonised_1.jpg recommended for jobs concrete slabs prior to installation of bamboo. This is available in two colours,  Natural Compressed Bamboo and Coffee Compressed Bamboo.






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