Block Parquetry

Block parquetry comes in singular blocks, with sizes available being 260 x 65 x 19mm, or 260 x 65 x 14mm as well as custom sizes.

Parquetry blocks are directly adhered to concrete or timber floors and can be arranged in whatever pattern or feature you desire. Once the parquetry has been laid and enough curing time has elapsed, the Sanding and Polishing process will begin. This process takes minimum 3 days and can be finished in the gloss level of your choice. Parquetry is available in both Select Grade (clean, minimum knots and gum veins) and Natural (more variation and characteristics).  Below are some of the species available as well as the different common patterns it can be laid in.


Some species available are:


Some of the Patterns Available

Mosaic Parquetry - Standard
Another type of parquetry available is Mosaic parquetry. This particular type of parquetry uses very small blocks or 'fingers' that are pre-made into sheets that make up different amazing patterns. This can be a more economical product compared to that of the block parquetry as it usually requires less labour.
Many different sizes are available to match in with old sizes as well as more standard sizes.
Whilst square on square is the traditional style, Mosaic Parquetry is available in the following patterns and colours;
Mosaic Parquetry - End Grain
End grain parquetry is a style of flooring that has been used for centuries and is now making a fast come back now that it is available again. End grain parquetry is sawn across the growth rings of the tree to give the floor an exceptional and unique look as well as superior strength. End grain parquetry is 10 x stronger than normal timber making it the most hardwearing flooring available. From classics like Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna through to modern architecture end grain parquery is guaranteed to give you a unique look!
Below are the colours available using the above patterns;



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