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br_logoBig River CustomCote Engineered flooring 
138mm x 14mm flooring
Big River CustomCote Engineered flooring gives you the amazing stability of an engineered floor but with the option of your desired gloss level. By coating this flooring on site it provides a more natural look and gives you the option for the level of gloss you desire. This can be installed by the direct stick method or ofcourse floated over an appropriate underlay.
Big River has also just launched their Big River Engineered Overlay Range as a great alternative to normal overlay flooring. With this product you get the thinner size flooring as well as the stability of Big River Flooring and a nice 138mm wide board at a similar cost! 


country_plankCountry Plank Engineered Flooring
136mm wide, 2.085mm long
Country Plank, once again, offers you the great stability of Readyflor, but the option to chose your own coating system on site. This enables you the chance to even stain the flooring as desired. Country Plank is available in various colours with some great samples in store. Country Plank can be installed by the direct stick method or ofcourse floated over an appropriate underlay.


brown_mahoganyStained Engineered Flooring
This great range of flooring combines the great look of European Oak as well as the elegance of a stained timber. Available in 2 colours and 2 different sized wide boards, this range provides you a great looking floor with a consistent colour throughout. As this flooring is also pre-stained but left raw it also enables you to select your desired gloss level. In addition to this the timber is stained all the way through. this means you don't have to worry about the natural colour showing through if the floor if it is scratched or marked. Also, when time comes to re-sand the floor you aren't going to lose that great stained colour that you are after! The stained European Oak range is available in 2 different thicknesses and 3 great stains/ colours. These include; natural, light smoked and heavy smoked.  Another great benefit of this product is the price, combining the value of an engineered floor and pre-stained products. 
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