handley_logoExclusive to Marques Flooring in QLD, Handley is a unique range of solvent based Polyurethanes. Handley Industries was first started 43 years ago by Gary Handley himself and began manufacturing a range of coatings in 1988. Handley Coatings are extremelly well priced but with superior quality. Each and every batch is made fresh as per order and each order is also batch tested to ensure premium quality. Handleys range includes 44%, 45% and 60% high solids gloss as well as Semi-Gloss, Satin & Low Sheen in both 5L and 20L containers. Another huge benefit to this range is the higher solid contents in their low sheen and satin coatings allowing these to be used at any stage in the coating process. This means the entire range is inter-coatable, start with Low sheen to lock the oils in, finish in gloss, whichever way you choose, complete flexibility. Easy to apply and durable, the Handley range is fast becoming the biggest selling timber floor coating in Australia.



coastings2Toby polyurethanes coatings is a high  quality durable coating that has been used in the timber industry for many years now. All Toby floor finish coatings will provide resistance to most everyday spills and the high durability required for Domestic, Commercial and Sport timber floors. 
Available in Toby Gloss, Toby Semi-Gloss and Toby Satin finish 
Toby also have Toby Solvent, Toby Thinners and Toby Rapid seal available to complete the range. 
Marques Flooring also stock the range of Tobys Aquamax Waterbased coatings.
Tobys products that we stock:
  • Toby Urethane Gloss
  • Toby Crystal Clear Urethane 
  • Toby Urethane Semi-Gloss
  • Toby Urethane Satin
  • Toby Rapid Seal
  • Toby GF Barrier Seal
  • Toby Aquamax Water-based coatings
  • Toby Solvent
  • Toby Thinners
  • Toby Flo Add
  • Toby Catalyst
  • Toby Wet Edge Extender

coastings1Polycure have been manufacturing coatings since 1938. Polycure well-renowned for their superior quality, poly2durability and consistency. Polycure is available in Super Gloss, Semi-gloss and satin to give you that finish that you desire. 3030 sealers are also available to help speed up the coating process without compromising on quality. Furthermore a  range of Oils is also available for that low sheen natural looking timber floor.
Polycure products that we stock:
Solvent Based: 
  • Polycure 1045 Super Gloss  aquapro_hitek_de_copy
  • Polycure 1050 Max Gloss
  • Polycure Titan Gloss
  • Polycure Titan Sealer 
  • Polycure 1012 Semi-Gloss
  • Polycure 1013 Super Satin
  • Polycure 1014 Low Sheen
  • Polycure Solvent
  • Polycure Thinners
  • Polycure Flo Add
  • Polycure Wet Edge Extender
  • Polycure Catalyst
  • Polycure 30-30 Sealer
  • R10 Slip resistance additive
Water Based Coatings: 
  • Polycure Aquapro Hitek 8068 Gloss/Satin Single Pack
  • Polycure Aquapro 8270 Advance 2k Finish 
  • Polycure AquaPro 2120 Stain
  • Polycure AquaPro 4020 Crosslinker
  • Polycure AquaCare 4400 and 4412 Revive 
  • Polycure AquaCare 8440 Floor Clean
  • Polycure AquaCare 4430 Floor Clean and Degreaser 
  • R10 Slip resistance additive

NEW From Polycure: Sports Floor Coatings in OIl Based and Water-based, now available!

Polycure Sports Floor Coatings:

  • Polycure AquaPro Sports Gloss
  • Aquapro Sports Crosslinker (extender)
  • Aquapro Sports part B
  • Naturoil Sports Gloss Polycure
img_2407Polycure AquaPro Stains 
Dont like the colour of your floor? Or are you a professional that is cautious when using stains? Then AquaPro stains is definately the answer for you. Polycure AquaPro's range of stains are without a doubt the easiest staining system on the market. Use a roller, brush, applicator, whichever you prefer, and you are sure to get that great colour that you are after. In addition to it's easy use, you can also coat over the stain with either waterbased or solvent based coatings. Make sure you check it out today. Image is an indications of colours available. Testing the colour on your particular colour is recommnded prior to commencing.


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