Fillers and Puttys

Sellys Coloured Caulk    

Sellys No More Gaps Coloured Chalk is an acrylic sealant for interior or exterior use with a polymer making it 100% more flexibly, tough and durable. It is ideal for gaps and joints where expansions and contractions may take place. Most common places it is used is  windows, door frames, bench tops, tiles, bathrooms and kitchens, suitable to be used on many surfaces such as brick, concrete, even colourbond. This product is available in a wide range of colours to meet your requirements.


timbermate_0Timber Mate
Interior Timber Mate is a 4 in 1 filler, being a  crackfiller, edgefiller, grainfiller, and woodputty. Timbermate is completely compatable with all laquers and top coatings. Timbermate can be used with floor coverings such as cork, timer, and parquetry and also comes in a range of colours to match.


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