Acoustic Rubber Underlay

Acoustic Underlay

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 Acoustic undplatinumerlay is a revolutionary way to dampen noise that is highlighted as a common problem in modern apartment buildings. There are many other products on the market that claim to solve this problem, however, no other products provides such performance with minimum thickness, weight and most importantly the price.  

The acoustic underlay comes in 3 thicknesses, 5, 8 and 10mm and is put down between the finished floor and concrete slab (diagram 1).

Another benefit of Acoustic underlay aside from the noise reduction to the floor below is  theacoustic_underlay1_0 increase created to your insulation rating, which in turn will lower both your power usage and bill.

 The acoustic underlay is enviromentally friendly in more ways than one as it is recycled from all Australian used tyre rubber. Every 2 square metres of underlay used recycles close to one passenger tyre.

Research has shown that the expected results from using acoustic underlay will be a reduction in noise anywhere from 13db to 22db, which exceeds the Australian requirements for floor impact insulation.


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