Airco is one of Australia's leading brands manufacturing the full range of staples and nails. From the popular 38mm secret nails, right through to decking nails and their respective guns, Marques Flooring stocks all the nails and staples you need. Marques Flooring is an accredited distributor of all Airco products, giving you the best price every time. 
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Airco products that we stock:
  • 25mm Secret Nails
  • 32mm Secret Nails
  • 38mm Secret Nails
  • C Brads - all sizes
  • Pinner Nails
  • Nail Punch
  • Secret Nailer
  • Spare Parts 




Marques Flooring is now the distributor of Macsim fastening systems. Specializing in high quality steel anchors used for the fixing of plywood. Sizes available are 38mm, 50mm and 75mm. We also stock the drill bits required for the pre-drilling process.
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Macsim products that we stock:
  • 38mm Split Pins
  • 50mm Split Pins
  • 65mm Split Pins
  • 75mm Split Pins
  • 100mm Split Pins
  • Drill Bits 



Powers Fasteners, locally and privately owned have been manufacturing fasteners for many years now. Marques Flooring stock Nylon plugs for the fixing of plywood sub-floors and their respective drill bits.
Powers Products that we stock:
  • 38mm Nylon Plugs
  • 50mm Nylon Plugs
  • 75mm Nylon Plugs 



Since 1946, Powernail USA has been leading the way with secret nailer machines. Carl and Ed Anstett developed the 'L' shaped fixing which is now known as Powernails. With superior strength and durability, Powernail have a range of nails available for all aspects of  flooring. 
Powernail products that we stock:
  • Powernail 50C
  • Powernail 50P
  • Powernail Powercleats 1 inch nails (25.4mm)
  • Powernail Powercleats 1.5 inch nails (38mm)
  • Powernail Powercleats 2 inch nails (45mm) 
  • Spare parts 




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