The Fein MultiMaster or MultiTalent is the world's most versatile machine. Fein is the original inventor of this amazing concept so make sure you buy the real deal and not the many cheap imitations that are now on the market!

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For each machine, they offer you a confidant 1 + 2 warranty. This means you get a 1 year warranty automatically and an additional 2 years warranty with online registration for FREE!  


All machinery listed below is near new or in second hand condition. All Machinery listed here is sold as is. If you have any further questions please give us a call.
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Marques Flooring are distributors of all machinery related to the timber flooring  industry. The following is just some of the brands and products that we have available for you: We can also repair and service all of the following machines. If there is something related to the flooring industry that you don't see here, please give us a call as we sure to be able to help you. Don't buy from a reseller, buy from the distributor!