Floor Care Packages


General Floor Cleaner (1 Litre)....................$25 each
Available in many different types for all different finishes, timber floor cleaner is the simple and effective way to keep your floor looking good without damaging the surface. Simply mix a capful per half a bucket of luke warm water and use a well wrung out stringy mop and you are ready to go!
Furniture Felt....................$12.50 - $22.50 
Furniture felt is the most common item forgotten by owner of timber or laminate flooring yet it is one of the easiest ways to prevent the most common marks caused by furniture being moved around. The range of furniture felt that we supply are very different from those cheap packs you see in some various stores. These have a much stronger adhesive to prevent them falling off and are also made of a very heavy duty mixture to last much longer. Cheaper alternatives simply squash or roll up immediately and scratches will appear before you realize they aren't working anymore. Below are all the different packs we have available. Bulk discounts available as well.


Timber/ Laminate Cleaning Kit....................$45 each 
This is the perfect kit to look after your floor. This kit contains already diluted floor cleaner for either timber or laminate in a handy spray bottle as well as an extendable mop for a quick and easy clean of your floor. The mop head is removable and can be washed in the washing machine up to 55 degrees. Replacement floor cleaner for these kits is available at the top of this page.

Scratch Fix Pens....................$25 each
scratchpensFor minor repairs or surface scratches use our range of scratch fix pens. Scratch  Fix pens are your easy solution to repairing scratches in the timber flooring. Scratch fix is an oil based pen that easily disguises scratches can be used on all types of flooring, including furniture!  Simply pick from the 5 colours available and apply and wipe away until satisfactory. Essential for all owner of a timber floor and regular installers.

Static Mops....................$29.50 - $39.50 each
dust_mopFor general cleaning the static mop is very handy. A general household vacuum is useful however you must ensure that there is plenty of felt or fur on the hard of the vacuum to ensure that the vacuum isn't leaving marks. A static mop provides an easy option for safely cleaning your floor quickly. The head is removable and washable as well. Available in 2 sizes, 300mm and 500mm.

Flooring Repair Kit .................................$95 each

quick-step-repair-kitA MUST for everyone! This repair kit includes a hot knife (batteries not included), wax sticks, and a series of scrapers. This repair kit is suitable for making repairs to all types of flooring including pre-finished timber, laminate, bamboo, parquetry, solid timber and more!

This kit is sure to save you money if you accidently damage your floor and is a much cheaper option that re-sanding or replacing boards!


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Wax Repair Sticks & Timber Touch-up Kit

timber_wax_sticks The timber Touch-up Kit or Timber wax sticks by Timbermate are also another great low cost way to repair dints and deep scratches in your timber flooring. Simply either rub the wax stick over the mark or melt it into bigger gouges to assist in hiding that unwanted mark.

They also wont dry ouy and dont contain any beeswax which means that they will accept coatings over the top where neccessary. Many colours available and a great cheap option to fix your floor!

timber_touch_up_kitThe timber touch-up kit contains 4 x Wax sticks and 4x Woodfillers to give you a complete kit for all future accidents!












Complete Repair Kits - Konig

konig-repair-kitsThe set for the repair of floors and stairs. Ideal also for on-site use. To fill scratches, holes, joints, damaged edges and corners, chips, dents on parquet, stairs and in the kitchen area. Suitable for both d├ęcor (laminate) and wood surfaces (parquet). The set contains all accessories needed for processing as well as two clear lacquer pens to seal the repaired area. As filling material, Hard Wax PLUS comes with the set, in popular wood shades and in the four primary colours red, blue, green and yellow. With these colours, wood shades can be changed and adjusted.


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