Moisture Barrier


Do you need a simple solution to prevent moisture from effecting your new flooring? Moisture Proof is the answer!
DuraCore's Moisture Proof is a single part liquid moisture barrier that requires no mixing. To apply this product it is simply by poured out & spread evenly over the floor. Moisture Proof will then slowly penetrate the concrete right into the capilarries trapping any moisture from rising. This provides a permanent concrete moisture barrier that unlike other brands, also withstands hydrostatic pressure.

DuraCore's Moisture Proof is a cost effective, moisture barrier that replaces messy & time consuming two part epoxy systems. It has an extremely long shelf life and allows early access to with minimum site disruption. It is foot trafficable one hour after application and floor coverings or prep work can be installed 24 hours after application in majority of cases. Moisture Proof is user friendly, non-toxic, and non-flammable, has zero VOC and is environmentally safe.

Available in 15L containers covering 60m2 approximately.
Moisture Barrier for any adhesive floor
  • formulated for the Flooring Installer/Contractoraustralian-made-logo
  • easy and simple to apply
  • single pack (no mixing)
  • deeply penetrates
  • permanent moisture and vapour barrier
  • withstands hydrostatic pressure
  • user friendly environmentally safe
  • On new and old concrete
  • Fast Safe and Clean
  • Minimum downtime
  • Walkable in 1 hour
  • Install floor coverings after 24 hours
  • No Mixing - 5 year + shelf life
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure
  • Simply Pour and Spread 


sika-primer-mb-1Sika Primer Mb 
Sika Primer MB is a 2 part solvent free moisture barrier. It can be applied with either a brush or a roller and provides a very strong and reliable sika-1moisture barrier. Sika Primer MB is compatible with the very popular range of Leveling compounds, Sika Level 25 and Sika T-55J the timber flooring adhesive. Application is easy with a simple A+B mixture. Make moisture problems a thing of the past with Sika Primer MB. Available in 16kg kits and the smaller 4kg kits.


sika-primer-mr-fast-1Sika Primer MR Fast
Just like Sika Primer MB (above) with its incredible reliability except without the harmful smells. Sika Primer MR fast is a water-based moisture barrier that allows you to have a great moisture barrier that you can definitely rely to protect your new flooring against moisture coming through the slab. One of the other major advantages is its drying time. Unlike other products where you have to wait 12 - 24 hours before you can lay on top, Sika Primer MR Fast can be laid over the top of in just 4 hours! In addition to this this product doesn't need machinery driven mixing meaning you simple poor A into B and shake! Available from November 2012! 


selleys-vbsSelleys VBS
Selleys VBS is also a 2 part single coating system. VBS or Vabour Barrier as the name suggest prevents moisture from passing through the slab into your new timber flooring. VBS, made by selleys is available in 12kg Kits doing approximately 20m2 each. Selleys VBS is compatable with Selleys Direct stick adhesive and is one of the best products on the market. Selleys comes as a kit in a easy to mix formula and can either be rolled or brushed out. Flooring can then be adhered to moisture barrier after 8 - 12 hours depending on conditions. 

mapeproof-1k-turboMapeiProof 1K Turbo

MapeProof 1K Turbo is a single pack, solvent free moisture barrier ade by Mapei. Each 10L kit will cover 100m2 and is a rapid setting product meaning a timber floor can be laid over the top in just 2 hours!


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