Foam Underlay


Marques Flooring stocks the latest in underlay for you new floor. Quiet Step Combi-Lay Underlay integrates both Quiet Step Underlay and a plastic sheeting in the one layer. Quiet Step Combi-Lay is economical and easy to use with its built in 100mm overlap and peel and stick tape join. Combining all of the Quiet Step benefits with the easy one-step foam and plastic sheeting installation, it's no wonder Quiet Step Combi-Lay is the preferred underlay of professional installers. Underlays available are:
  • Standard Underlay
  • Standard Combi-lay
  • Standard Quiet Step
  • Quiet step Combi-lay
Quiet Step is a high density, 2mm polyolefin acoustic foam underlay that has been designed to significantly reduce noise created by foot traffic (reflected noise). Quiet Step reduces reflected noise by up to 30% as well as improving noise transfer between floors in multi-storey buildings (Impact Isolation Class).
Another great feature of quiet step is its easy installation proccess. Quiet Step rolls are one metre wide. Rolling out one row at a time, simply cut the underlay using a sharp knife to fit the shape of the area to be installed and tape the joins together as you install each new row. All joins should be butted together, not overlapped.


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