Machinery Repairs

Marques Flooring now have our very own:

In-House Work Shop!

With qualified staff we can now carry out a range of repairs and works in house. You will no longer have to go to expensive workshops to get your repairs done.

** Cheap Rates **

** High Quality Workmanship **

ist2_3991650_welding_sparks.jpgServices Include:

  • Machinery Repairs - Electrical
  • Machinery Repairs - Mechanical
  • Machinery Repairs - Service hummel_2.gif
  • Machinery Repairs - Balancing 
  • Steel Welding VVB78KQY1stainless_steel_rods.jpg
  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Making of brackets etc
  • Small or Large Steel Fabrication
  • Electrical test and Tagging
  • Other Odd Jobs


Just another one of the services that Marques Flooring offer to be

'Your One Stop Shop For All Your Flooring Needs!'