We understand that choosing your new timber flooring can be a very big decision. Timber Flooring plays a massive part in your homes appearance and value and Marques Flooring understands that. We are here to provide you with the right information to ensure you make the perfect lifestyle selection!


Marques Flooring was established by Alberto Marques in 1986 and in 2016 were proud to celebrate our 30th year birthday! Alberto Marques is still the owner and proprietor today and still plays a huge part in the direction of Marques Flooring. Over the years Marques Flooring has been involved in some of the largest jobs in Australia. This includes stadiums, complete high rise buildings, Government work, Resorts and some very high end residential works. In this time, we have seen many trends come and go, many great new innovations to the flooring industry and even a big change in the way our customers shop enjoy being serviced. One thing is for sure, Marques Flooring are always one step ahead of the rest!


Marques Flooring play a big role in the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) and is also a Level 7 – Vanguard Member. This is the engine room behind the flooring industry and assists in maintaining the high standards and professionalism that the flooring industry prides itself of. Marques Flooring, as a founding member is always there to show support wherever required and are often relied upon by professionals for the latest of industry changes and specifications.


  • Australian Distributor of the Year 2011
  • Australian Employee of the Year 2011 – Josh Marques
  • Australian Distribtuor of the Year 2012
  • Australian Distributor of the Year 2014
  • Australian Saleperson of the Year 2015 – Josh Marques
  • Australian Distributor of the Year 2015
  • Australian Employee of the Year 2015 – Jules Burgess

In 2011, Marques Flooring won two awards at the Australian Timber Flooring Awards. The first award is the Australian Distributor of the year award. This is awarded to the company that is the big driving force behind timber flooring who provides outstanding service, technical support for both the industry and public and goes the extra mile to ensure that all customers both choose and receive the product that is right for them.

The second award was awarded to Josh Marques, Manager at Marques Flooring. This award is for the Australian Employee of the Year. This is awarded to an individual who shows an in depth knowledge of the industry and exceeds expectations in customer support and service. They must also be active in updating their education and also receive great great feedback from customers.

Fast forward to today, and Marques Flooring not only took out the grand prize in 2012 but also in 2014!! (they didnt hold the awards for 2013) and just recently won the 2015 award for distributor of the year!

In addition to being awarded distributor of the year in 2014, Josh Marques was also awarded with Australian Sales Rep of the year! This is a credit to his efforts behind the scenes as well as his exceptional knowledge and service he provides for customers! In 2015 Jules also picked up Australian Employee of the year, well done Jules!

There is big competition for these awards Australia-wide and it is a huge honour for Marques Flooring to be recognised for our hard work within the industry. This really sets in concrete Marques Flooring’s position within the industry as one of the leaders throughout Australia!


As Marques Flooring are direct distributors, we offer wholesale prices to both trade and retail customers. We buy in bulk and pass on the savings. Marques Flooring will not be beaten on price or service! Marques Flooring prides itself on providing you a large but selected range of products. Marques Flooring is YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR FLOORING NEEDS and our aim is to ensure that we can supply you everything you require to get the job done. (At a great price and convenience too) We are also open at 6.30am each day, nice and early for the trade to get going!


Here at Marques Flooring we understand the importance of a new floor and we believe that everyone deserves the right to be provided with the correct information to ensure that each and every customer selects the perfect flooring for their needs. Our professional flooring consultants with a combined 50 years experience take the confusion out of choosing a new floor and will spend the time with you to understand exaclty what your requirements are to ensure that perfect selection is made. We are also pleased to be able to provide you with wholesale pricing on the highest quality products that the world has to offer.


As a pioneer in the industry, it is a must that Marques Flooring staff always have the most in depth knowledge in all aspects of the industry. The dedicated staff at Marques Flooring are trade orientated and the industry relies on us to give even the most professional of tradesmen the advice and information they require in real terms that are easy to understand. Experience, Education and Enthusiasm provide the perfect combination to give you the information you need. You can be assured you will be getting the right information when you speak to the team at Marques Flooring! We will even give you the the mobile number of staff members if you need out of hours assistance, that’s how committed we are to ensure you receive the information you need! As we involved in the industry we can also assist you with the right installer that you can rely on. Check out our accredited contractors to see just some of the business available to assist you with your new installation.


One of the big differences that makes Marques Flooring stand out is the level of quality in their products. Whilst Marques Flooring are competitive on price, we pride ourselves in hand selecting the best products on the market. We have very strict guidelines within our range to ensure that all products can be backed by Marques Flooring 100%. This is one of the many reasons that Marques Flooring has such a great reputation after many years in the industry.


Whilst Marques Flooring has grown a lot over the years there is one key point that hasn’t changed. Marques Flooring after 30 years in the industry is still today family run and owned. This ensures that Marques Flooring maintains our integrity and loyalty to the industry and our great customers!


Here at Marques Flooring we give you several way in which you can purchase the products you require. You can order over the phone, by email or of course, come in and see us. Products can either be picked up from our warehouse or we can happily send them to you on various freight services right around Australia!


Whilst we are open extended hours between 6.30am and 4.30pm you are welcome to give us a call after hours! Marques Flooring are so dedicated to giving you the information that you need that we will even give you the mobile number of the staff member you are dealing with for contact after hours! As we like to say, ‘we are only a phone call away!’