Josh is off to Cambodia for volunteer work – follow his journey!


Back to Cambodia!

October 2018 Update

Yes it will be quiet around here while Josh is away but you can keep up to date with his journey to help less fortunate in Cambodia!

By the time you read this, Josh will be deep in the middle of nowhere swinging a hammer in 40+ degree heat. No power or water, building a houses for those that don’t even have a home! He has spent many hours back in Australia gaining the support of many to ensure he can give many a head start. Below are the pictures of where he will be.

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If you are interested in helping please click here for more information or contact Josh directly!

100% of all donations go directly to Cambodia!!

July 2018 update:
We now have approval from the village chief and we no have the photos of the two families that we will be helping. In this village we are going to be building 2 houses!! We are told it is in even poorer conditions than our first family. There are lots of people and kids in this village so it will be a huge experience! They may not know what it means to have your photo taken but they definitely know things are going to get a whole lot better in their village!