Register for August Training NOW – Hardplate Sanding & Dustless Sanding


FREE LIVE training to help you lift your game! The 8th event kicks off soon! Third Thursday of August, 15th July @ 3:00pm.

IMPORTANT: These events will now kick off at 3pm, not 3.30pm!

This WILL be our biggest training yet, Hard-plate sanding AND dustless sanding!

Hard-plate or Multi-plate sanding is now the biggest change the floor sanding industry has seen for many years now. The sanding process is now changing rapidly and we are going to show you LIVE exactly how it works, how it is different and why it may be the next change you make to your sanding style. We have been constantly selling out of hard-plate/multi head sanding machines so this is your opportunity to see how these machines work live, try them out for yourself PLUS take advantage of some rare specials on this type of machinery.

We will also be covering the different aspects of DUSTLESS sanding to complete your sanding profile.
Free beer too, so register your spot now, its all complimentary to help your business grow!