Build Cambodia 2019!


Exciting news, we’ve now got the photos & details of the families we will be helping this October! Both families will be built a new house, learn all about them and how you can help make the impact bigger!:

The houses they currently have fall down constantly, one storm can take their homes. Build Cambodia gives them a permanent house and in turn allows them to get better jobs and for their kids to attend closer/better schools.

Donations are now open to further help these families, Marques Flooring will continue to support those in Cambodia each year but we can make a much greater difference with your help.

Because we control all of the funds, that means that when you donate you can specify what you want your money to go towards (the house, clothes, toys etc.), we’ll film the families receiving it and show you! 100% goes towards Cambodia, there is no admin etc.

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You can also follow the journey below:

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Every purchase gives someone in Cambodia an opportunity to live a normal life