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Carpet vs Hard Flooring options / 7 disgusting things about carpet you never knew!


When we weigh up the costs of carpet vs the costs and benefits of a hard flooring option like laminate, timber or vinyl, you would be surprised which one is not only better, but actually cheaper!


Carpet vs Hard Flooring options:

  • Carpet should be replaced every 3-5 years.
  • High quality carpet could last up to 10 years, however it carries large health risks the older it gets See ‘health risks in carpet’ on our website.

  • Laminate or timbers typical warranty is  20-25 years.

  • After 25 years, timber could still be re-sanded and coated to look like new.

  • Carpets stain far easier than timber or laminate floors.

  • Every timber floor is 100% unique to itself as the product is natural. Even if your neighbour copies your floor, it will have its own unique look.

  • Carpets are a high risk choice for anyone effected by allergies.

  • Carpets are generally made of polypropylene, nylon or polyester, essentially plastics.

  • Timber has great thermal qualities providing insulation for the home.

  • Myth: Timber or laminate is loud. This issue can be resolved with different installation methods and acoustic underlays.

  • Myth: Timber or laminate is dangerous for some kids as they fall and tumble. If this is the case, a soft mat or rug could be used. These can then be cleaned correctly or replaced easily.

  • Timber can be stained and textured to evolve with changing trends.

  • Carpet does not recycle very well, ending up in land fill.

  • Pets and carpets don’t go well. They hide a lot of your pet ‘mess’.