Cambodia update – COVID Devastation

Normally by this time of the year we would be giving you exciting updates for the coming trip and next house we are building, but COVID has changed the focus for everyone in Cambodia. COVID cases are low in Cambodia but with zero tourists all businesses including major hotels have been forced to close leaving the towns deserted and everyone without a job. Without any government assistance, the major problems being faced in Cambodia are starvation and dengue fever.

Since receiving this news we have shifted our focus and are providing funds to create food banks. With the help of local small restaurants, over 400 meal packs are given out each day. These meal packs are nutritious, include meat and are supplied in biodegradable packaging. This is not only providing food to desperate families but also small income for the local restaurants to put these together.

With the first funds being allocated to families with babies, we gathered a long list of essential supplies that have been given to each of the families, roughly about 1 month worth of food.

The stories we are hearing are heartbreaking but we will continue to help as many as we can. You can assist too by donating easily below. Each meals costs approximately $2 so for just $50 you can help 25 people!

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More updates to follow soon.