ecoCORK Acoustics Australia

Almost ready for Australia-wide launch! ecoCORK, previously known as Acousticork.

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ecoCORK combines the incredible attributes of cork to provide the world’s only true environmentally friendly acoustic solution.

Cork is the main raw material for the development of a portfolio of high-performance materials for multiple industries such as aerospace, panels and composites, automotive, seals and gaskets, the power industry, construction, sports surfaces, flooring, consumer goods, furnishing, and footwear.

ecoCORK is produced from a blend of different sized cork grains. These specialised cork grains are then compressed to a certain density to maximize the products acoustic performance. To read more please refer to the new ecoCORK brochure. *Previously known as Acousticork.

Based on the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) ‘Guideline for Apartment and Townhouse Acoustic Rating’, ecoCORK rates as 5 star product!