Technical Guides

#12 Season Reminder – Sun movements effects coating

Time of the year: May – September. We have discussed in previous technical bulletins (#6 Heat & Coatings Do not Mix) how heat can effect the way that coatings perform and dry.


· Bubbles in the coating

· Uneven drying patterns in the floor

· Differences in gloss levels as drying times are effected

In the winter months something that is often overlooked is the change in the movement of the sun. The trajectory of the sun in summer is a lot higher and passes almost directly over us throughout the day. This results in direct sunlight only entering the house in early morning and late evening. In the winter months however, the sun has a much lower trajectory, which in some cases can mean direct sunlight entering the home all day.

When coating a timber a floor, if one area receives direct sunlight and others areas don’t, it will result in the coatings drying at different speeds. When a coating dries at different rates around the house, there will be differences in gloss levels and possibly patches. Some direct sunlight could even cause bubbles in the coating as it ‘fries’.


Simple, be mindful of the time of the year, and filter the sunlight with light curtains. This will be more important in rooms on the northern side of the house. You also don’t want the rooms to be dark.