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Current Trends | Spring 2020

Welcome to our Spring 2020 Flooring Design catalogue!

See what’s currently trending in flooring and get the latest seasonal tips for your project.

Style | Herringbone

It’s all about parquetry, herringbone, and even chevron! These elegant patterns of parquetry, in large, pre-finished engineered planks, have been laid throughout most middle to high-end projects as of late. With the combination of matching, straight, full length planks, the options of patterns and ideas are endless. Each creating a stunning impact to the overall design. See the range below.

Species | Oak

European, French, American, just give me Oak. Not just any Oak, I want an Oak with a hand scraped stain to match my exact colour scheme! Oaks in general are still one of the most popular options. Which is why we currently have over 200 options of Oak in different styles, colours, thicknesses and sizes. See the range below.

Type | Hybrid

“I want hybrid, but what is it?” This is the question we are asked almost daily. Vinyl is back, new and improved, and now known as ‘Hybrid’. It is a more durable, rigid and waterproof plank that you can now get in a range of stunning colours to suit the latest trends. Be very careful however, with such high popularity, the market has already been flooded with low quality, failing products. See the proven ranges below.

Colour | Soft, Light, Natural

The natural warmth of a soft and light finish, including natural and ‘naked’ timbers, creates one of the most sought-after styles. Offering a hand scraped, raw or untouched finish, the current trend for ‘au naturel’ is here to stay. Check out the stunning ranges below.

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