Cambodia update – New home built!

House no. 6 is complete!! ?

Thank you to everyone that helped out, it means so much to change their lives. It will be so exciting to meet them in our next visit too. They still haven’t worked out how photos work, they always stand really straight and still.

The message we got from them:
“All finished. Thank you from your family, finished just in time as your families dad has the chimigunya virus, like measles, so he now has a place to sleep where he can recover without the rain coming in via the roof..thank you so much, they dont show a lot of emotion but they were very very excited!!! Awkun jaan” ❤️

A different way you can help many! During COVID almost everyone has lost their job as all tourism has stopped meaning hotels and restaurants are shut down, some permanently. The amazing team at Jaya House (a hotel in town) have been doing amazing things to help the locals generate some income. The many Tuk Tuk drivers have learnt how to grow essential plants and trees.

SO… We now have the opportunity to buy these Moringa trees for just $1.70 each and send them out to our villages to plant around the village. FIRSTLY, this gives income to the Tuk Tuk drivers (10 trees would give their family enough money for weeks worth of food) SECONDLY it will be a massive help to the villages. The Moringa tree ‘miracle tree’ is a fast growing tree that LOVES drought areas, it would improve air quality, soil quality for other plants, attract birds, provide shade AND the Moringa tree also has massive health benefits.

We will arrange the planting etc of them, but we now want to know many trees YOU want to have planted. We are going to commit to 50 straight away but we want to do as many as possible, especially as it has massive benefits for both the growers and the families that receive them!