ecoCORK – The Amorim Cork Experience

Come with us through the Amorim Cork warehouses in Portugal and tour The Cork Experience. See different components and behind the scenes of the process that goes into making ecoCORK/Acousticork…

A recent visit to our friends in Portugal and the Cork headquarters produced some new and exciting products we are soon to bring to Australia. The main purpose originally was to see the latest ecoCORK in production and to see some of the latest technology in some of the different factories. These factories are huge, they either require a map or a guide to find our way around the many factories but it is always great see everyone.

During this trip we also viewed the first acoustics sheets to be printed with ecoCORK, (formerly AcoustiCORK) which was quite a big milestone. We also learnt about the wine cork recycling system now in place throughout most of Portugal whereby they recycle over 8 million cork stoppers per year!