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Current Trends | Spring 2021

Welcome to our Spring 2021 Flooring Design catalogue!

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Custom Stairs

Give your floors the WOW factor with custom stairs. Thanks to advanced technology we can now turn your floorboards into either nosing’s, solid floating treads, giant landings or even hand-rails! The result is an exact matching stair-case to your perfect floor, a feature sure to impress.

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21mm Engineered Boards | Thicker, wider, longer!

Bigger is apparently better! Or so the trends say. We have seen a bit of a run lately on Engineered Oaks that are now available in 21mm thick boards with thicker timber veneers, wider boards and even longer boards. This option seems to suit the larger homes of recent but also suits standard size homes and areas giving the room a bigger feel, and each board more ‘pop’. Although slight, the improved solid feeling under foot has become desired too. Most common colours now have matching Herringbone too.

Colours | Purity

We can’t go past the beauty that true nature creates. Why not combine the two and pick a natural product and within that natural product, pick only the cream of the crop? We are now seeing a big push for more perfect floors showing less gum veins and knots. Sure some of us will always love it being as natural as possible, but we now have options (such as the Pronto range above/below) for those that are searching for purity.

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