Simple steps to choose the perfect floor

If you chat to any of our team, we will run through all of these steps without you maybe even noticing!

Before we list these out, normal lists like this cover all of the different benefits of hard flooring options, but don’t stop to point out that there are no products that tick every single box. A real product is never going to be the most durable product and a durable product is never going to be as real as the real thing. All good quality flooring options provide an expected performance in durability and look but as you will see below it is better to focus on what is most important for the project.

What is most important?

What do you want it to do for your project? For some it can be durability, above all else, durability, something I don’t have to worry about. For some it can be a certain colour or pattern, regardless of what type of product it is. You may require the real thing, nothing else, as real as it gets, even if it may get the odd mark or scratch. For some projects it could be how easy it can be a Do It Yourself project, or just the absolute best value for money, on a strict budget! Determining what is most important is the very first step. In doing so it will help answer the following options.


Like all products there are the good and the bad. Here we list them all for you. The hard flooring industry is in high demand with more and more users wanting natural flooring products in their home. Many low-quality products have flooded the market with little to no warranty. As an independent business our team will help you pick the product that not only perfectly suits its requirements but also gives you the quality guarantee and assurance for many years to come. We repair many failed floors and want you to get it right the first time. It is very expensive otherwise!

The look – Colour, how to choose, Grading, Gloss level

By now you would have an idea on the colour, light, dark, maybe red? You might love all the natural feature of a real product and want as much character as possible. Possibly you like gloss, or as perfect and uniform as it can be. You only need a few ideas for now. Our team can help with many ideas in our Showroom & Design Centre and you can also find ideas and inspiration here. We have beautiful samples of almost all options for you take away and match best with your scheme.

How – Installation – Can relate to your budget

Are you going to be installing it yourself or having a professional do it? Some may choose to DIY to stretch their budget further. If it is a DIY project, advise our team so we can direct you towards the best option for this. In addition to this we offer all the installation products from our wholesale trade store as well as installation training and how to on our YouTube channel.

If you are after installation, we can offer direct contact with the best flooring experts in your area. Being the main supplier to the industry we deal with them on a daily basis and can assist in finding the right team or company for your project. These won’t be a sub-contractor but someone representing themselves. We don’t put a margin on this, you deal direct with them.

Cost – What is my budget?

This depends on the first question, what is most important? If you want long term durability, it may not be as expensive as you think when it may last you up to more than 50 years. It really depends on the improvement you want to make. Flooring is now considered the most important part in choosing the finishes of your renovation or new home. It can make the biggest impact and can be worth considering to get exactly what you want.

Cost is also very important to factor in when it comes to picking a good quality product. Imagine how much it costs to do it twice.

When – is it required and what stage in my renovation?

Some products are in high demand and can require ordering in advance. Some products are also suited for different stages of the renovation or new build project. Ensure to discuss with our team to ensure the product meets your projected timeline.

Assurance – Warranty Guarantee

Just to be sure, double check the warranty and guarantees. The team can clarify anything for you, we pride ourselves on transparency and ensuring you are at ease with your decision. Unfortunately a lot of products on the market have warranties that don’t really cover anything at all. We hand pick products that give you the best guarantees on the market.


We love timber too; sustainability is most important to us. It is the base for our entire industry. If you want to ensure your product is environmentally sourced and produced, please discuss it with our team. It is absolutely possible and not considered by enough people.