How to choose the right installer?

How to choose an installer/finisher?

You have made the decision for some beautiful new flooring. Don’t ruin it by choosing the wrong installer. These may seem very obvious, but you would be surprised the amount of unfortunate people who just go off a feeling and end up with a nightmare!

As Marques Flooring are the main suppliers to the flooring industry we have experience with almost all flooring installers in your area. Please speak to the team about information on finding the right person or company for your next project.

Are they qualified?

There are many cases where unqualified tradesman are performing works they are not completely qualified for. For example, if your product is going to be glued down to the sub floor, your installer must be a licensed installer. A general builders licence does not cover this in all cases.

Are they insured?

What if they damage something in your home? Or hurt themselves or anyone else in your home? You want to make sure everyone is fully protected in case there are any mishaps!

Do they have experience laying the same product?

If you don’t speak with the installer directly (they might have many teams) you could possibly end up with an installer that mostly does other floor coverings. All types of timber flooring including laminate and vinyl have extremely different installation methods. If someone installs carpet or vinyl normally, they should not be installing any timber or laminate.

Do they have examples of previous work and client testimonials?

New flooring is always exciting. If an installer or a finisher is doing great work then there would be no doubt they would have excited customers who have left reviews as well as photos from past works.

Who is actually performing the work?

It is very common that the person who quotes your job is not the one doing the installation. Is the right information getting to the installer on site? Does the installer know what you are expecting? Is the person who quoted the job or a supervisor going to be on-site to ensure everything is as agreed? From a one man team to companies, they all have different types of set ups so ensure you find one that guarantees the right information is being received by the right person.

Are they installing the product as per the warranty guidelines?

If the installer does not install the product as per the manufacturers guidelines you may not be covered by any warranty at all. Don’t let them tell you ‘I have always done it like this’ without checking with the guidelines.