Build a family a home for Christmas!

Behind the scenes we have spent a lot of time ensuring we can help all our families in Cambodia remain safe and healthy. It has been an incredibly challenging task with so many lockdowns in Cambodia making it difficult to transport food. Life has become even more of a challenge in Cambodia without any tourists and the pain flows right out into the communities that indirectly benefit. Almost all restaurants and hotels have closed down in a Cambodia and it is going to take many years for it to get back to what it was, which are still tough conditions.

On a good note, we can report that whilst some of the families got sick, all have fully recovered. We have been very lucky.

Restrictions are beginning to ease and this year for Christmas, we want your help to send food and supplies to the now 8 families AND we want to build a new house for another homeless family.

Please contact us if you or your business would love to join us and help! It will change your life and theirs.

More updates to follow. Check out @build.cambodia for more information.