Build Cambodia – Our 9th house

We are just about to kick off our 9th home! This is thanks to some very good friends of ours who want to give back in a big way, and want to see the everlasting changes they have made!

Meet the family

Meet a young mother (23) by the name of Chan Sophea. She is a single mum, husband left/disappeared when the daughter was only 1. The daughters name is Chan Lina and they survive mostly on handouts and help from people in the village. Their conditions are terrible as you can see. Chan Sophea and her daughter are in the same village as families 2-8 so we have plenty of help around! The other great thing is her mother lives just across (last picture) so whilst not confirmed, mum or grandma now, would most likely move in too!


We have been able to get started right away with everyone available due to no lack of work. The workers are already thrilled to have an income again. The land is cleared, all materials are delivered to site and they commence levelling out, measuring and digging holes for the footings, putting in place by hand, 9 huge and heavy, solid concrete posts. To do this they still use traditional plumb bob method and a clear hose with water to find their levels. Very cool to watch.


We already have some news. We are already going to add this project and build a toilet for this house and her mums. They have never had one and of course make other, unsafe plans. Crazy. The base frame of the floor is and a couple of the main posts are now up.

Day 3

All of the posts are up. Most of the structure for the roof is coming together. It is so hot!! They normally handle the heat well but it’s so hot they even have some temporary shade up. Not very common!

Day 4

Roof is on! What a relief it would be with the 40 plus degree days! We would normally get a full house done in 4 days, but when most of these guys haven’t worked in over a year, I think we can understand why they might stretch this out a little bit more! At only a couple of $$ per day, this is great money for them, but we don’t really notice with the build cost. So they should make the most of it! 😂

Day 5

Roof is on and we are so close to completion!! Walls are going up and the bamboo floor is going down. The floor is bamboo shoots, dried, split in half, sanded smooth (some of our job last time) then hand nailed down. Hand nailed like everything in the project. Only sometimes do we see power tools on site. And if so, very dangerous with their hand wiring and tapping into an electrical wire somewhere nearby. It’s so brave! Others it’s hand sanding, sawing and nailing! We will also clad the front, out in a window, front door (with lock) and front stairs! Completion day should be tomorrow.


House 9 finished!!! And we have smiles!! Look at how happy they are! We also finished the toilet for them. How exciting! The daughter Chan Lina has a shaved head because of lice, but what a massive change for them and probably mum. We are so lucky to be able to totally change their path forever! We have some more news to share shortly, who is keen to help big number 10!??