Build Cambodia – Our 10th house!

So here we are, 5 years later, now about to start house number 10. We can’t believe what this is evolving into but it is the massive change through small generosity that warms us most.

The family you are meeting is taking this to a whole new level. Poverty in Cambodia is everywhere, most locals almost don’t even notice it. This family even had our local friend upset. We really want to do everything we can for these guys.


Meet 31 year old mum, Pron Chantou and her two daughters, Yeoun Chantha 13 and Yeoun Makara 9. Why are their heads shaved? Because they are mourning the husband/father passing away from cancer only 2 weeks ago! 💔 The eldest daughter has never been to school as she would normally help mum try to get or find food or medicine looking after dad.


The site is cleared and the holes are dug with shovels. Then the concrete posts are wheeled in on a home made trolley (think of a just an axel and 2 random wheels that they kind of balance them on.) I remember how heavy they were even while rolling them. They are completely solid concrete with steel boxing inside of course. Locals make them on the side of the highway. It’s bizarre to watch. They finish the tops with a hooked piece of metal to screw the structure to.


Day 2 and things are moving along quickly! Frames are up and we are getting close to the roof going on 👏🏼 Some of the people pictures are the builders that we are hire but is amazing to know that some are just volunteers from the village either paying it forward or back and helping out. The beautiful people of Cambodia!


And the roof is on for house number 10! 🙌🏽 It looks like we had a lot of help on site today too. ALSO- look at the second picture.. the house in the background off to the right.. that’s family number 8, and we believe the boy on the stairs is from family 3! 🙏


Bamboo flooring is in and some of the walls are now going up. By now there is a nice floor so it looks like they enjoyed lunch inside. For most of the days of the build we make sure enough food is sent out so that lunch can be cooked for all of the workers. Usually either one of our builders who is also a chef or a local will cook for everyone then it’s hand tools down for about 1 hour lunch break.


We are so close to completion now! Walls are up, most of the painting is done. Now to finish the front and the stairs and go out and grab all the essentials they need, ready for Handover. To those that helped (you know who you are) you are that gift from god they have been praying for, it’s hard to put into words just how much this is going to change their lives! ❤️


Home number 10 is complete! When we first started home number 1 many years it was never in our dreams to have done this many. We joked it would be great if we tried for 2 next time. Now here we are, 10 families and about 150+ Cambodians later, we can’t believe it, we are starting to change the lives of a community! We will be back in Cambodia in October for the first time in a few years and we can’t wait to show you just how much has changed, all for the better, all simply because of the generosity of many! ❤️ We will keep you up to date on this family like all of the ones before. We believe that the eldest daughter Yeoun Chantha will now begin to go to school as well.