Build Cambodia – House 11 complete!


Firstly, even if we don’t make the donation target this family is still going to receive a house. Marques Flooring will be putting up the rest of the funds. We are expecting 30-50 kids by the end of the build (once we see/meet all 10 families, we will hopefully get everyone together on a big day with food, music, games and most importantly arrive with heaps of things to give out to the kids! Toys, school books, sporting equipment, clothes, whatever is chosen!

Father, Moen Vasna, 41 years old and he works as a concreter when he can find work. Earns around $2 a day. Mother’s name is Van Thot, 24 years old. Oldest child is a son Pal Lon, 7 years old. Second son is Veasna Odom he is 9 months old. The family live in the same village near family number 6 (that we will meet for the first time in 2 weeks!)

We can’t wait to meet these guys and get start on this project ourselves. 1st day of the build is in just over 2 weeks, counting down!!!


Day 1 and house 11 is underway! The 9 concrete support structures are in! 🙌 So bloody good to be back! ❤️A big thanks to everyone already for their help and @marquesflooring for the additional funds needed to get number 11 started!


To round out day 2 (we had a pretty wild storm come through) – the base is in and the wall / roof frames are in. Generally due to the heat they try to get the roof on first so they at least have some shade for when they put the actual wall sheets up and hand nail the bamboo strip flooring in. 🙌


House 11 update and things are moving along very nicely. We have had a few storms interrupt things a bit but the roof is on and the floor is starting to go down. It is so amazing to see this take shape! Now is the time to contact us if you want to help out at handover for either the family or the kids in the village. So far we have about 18 beautiful kids from neighbouring houses.


🌟HANDOVER DAY!🌟This is the day where we get to officially give the house to the family, as well as some essential items for the home and luxury items for the family members.

It was an incredible experience to witness them moving into their new space and we want to thank everybody who donated and shared about this cause to make it happen. The builders did a tremendous job and we celebrated by dancing in the rain. Just look at the smiles on their faces. Best day ever.