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Our 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

From handy stocking stuffers to your favourite tools, we’ve got you sorted this Christmas. Get started now!

  1. Quick-Step Cleaning KitCleanse the floor surface thoroughly and maintain the original look of your floor,
  2. Tibet Stick Easily disguise scratches & scuffs in your floor.
  3. Konig Floor Repair KitFill scratches, holes, joints, damaged edges and corners, chips & more!
  4. Bessey Floor Spacers – A simplified way to ensure you have correct expansion.
  1. Stair scribe – Make installing onto stairs easy. In just 4 easy steps you can remove all of the troubles on getting the perfect cut.
  2. Scriblok – Introducing the world’s best, most advanced knocking block.
  3. Delmhorst moisture meter – Ensure the timber is at the correct moisture content prior to installation.
  4. Powernail Model 50P Power Roller When comfort and control are a priority, you can depend on this tool.
  5. Mirka Deros – The smallest and most ergonomic sander on the market.
  6. Stabila Laser Measurer – Ideal for everyone who works indoors and needs to easily document a high volume of measurements.
  7. Fein tools – Limited availability, please see in store or contact us now.
  8. Laminate cutter/Guillotine – Powerless and dustless laminate cutter.