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Current Trends | Summer 2022

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Natural Feature Walls

People love the use of natural products so much that having it on the floor is just not enough. It needs to also be used on the walls and even the ceiling too. Today we have a number of products made for wall use, these include products like Cork, which is making a massive come back overall. The recycled wall cork products need to be seen to be believed. You will have never seen a feature wall like this before.

Australian Species

The push for local species is back. With recent world events the focus on supporting local products has increased dramatically. This has also given the opportunity for these local species to show off how amazing they are. Australia is known for having not only some of the most beautiful timbers in the World, but also some of the most durable. We are now supplying more traditional solid timber and Australian veneered products than ever. Support our backyard, check out the Aussie species for your next project.

Waterproof & Watertight

There is waterproof, but there is also watertight. We are already seeing the next phase in technology being introduced. Many of the ‘water-proof’ products on the market, are still falling well short with water just simply going down between the boards and under the floor. We are introducing a range of products, laminate and timber that have a watertight surface and joins. The technology is impressive. We introduce one of the timber ranges, Amato, below.

Quick-Step Amato range

The worlds first watertight timber floor. Imagine real timber with a completely waterproof surface in every room of your home – including kitchens and some bathrooms. No stress. Simply enjoy your Wood for Life.

Genuine Oak 260x20mm

This stunning range is now available in longer and thicker boards.

Need some inspiration? These are just some of the many projects that Marques Flooring has been involved with around Australia.

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