Build Cambodia – House 12 is complete!


Meet family 12, the next family we want to change the lives of. They are in the same village (we don’t have to go far to find more families at risk). They are also near our family 7. Pictured here is Grandma (Shoeum 70 yrs old) and Granddaughter (Sopkha 13 yrs old) and Grandson (Sokchea 7 yrs old). Parents are in Thailand working. This can either be a great thing (rarely) or a really bad thing so we are yet to find out, but grandma desperately needs help to look after and feed these kids too!

We are taking donations now to further help this family with at least some food. We are yet to confirm the kids school status.
What a great way to start 2023, more updates to follow! 🙌 Please let us know or go to the link in the bio if you would like to help out! *Although they don’t do it for the credit, this one is a big thanks to @getrealfinance absolute legends for helping out again.


Here we go, first day of the build 🙌 We also have some updates on the family. So mum and dad are from all reports safe and well in Thailand. They communicate back to the village and their kids regularly and also send money to help grandma look after the kids. Cambodians often go to Thailand in search of work, but in most cases this might involve border issues, extortion by the locals or officials or worse off, we never hear from them again. We can only assume what that means. It can be hard to find out exact information due to translation and they can’t just pick up the phone, so a little bit of Chinese whispers too. We are going to be confirming more over the next few days on how things are.

As for the build, day one the footings (holes) are dug to place the massive concrete posts that are used to elevate the homes off the ground. They do this for a few reasons, the first being in case of flood, which happens regularly. It also helps keep a lot of the nasties out at night and during the day it provides them with a comfortable spot in the shade under the house, usually in a hammock or platforms they build between the concrete posts. In some cases they fill in parts of underneath to create a second smaller room or cooking area.


Wait, what? You won’t believe this… 👀 Family 12, day 2 and the 3 from the first image, has now turned into 7 people!!!

Grandma has fallen ill with some stomach issues so she has been sent of to the hospital. BUT the good news now, mum and dad are now back! (Pictured) and yes, we have now discovered there is an older daughter (who was with mum and dad in Thailand) and… they just had another baby, about a week ago!! Nothing surprises us when it comes to the breakdown in translation. For example you get a very different answer between: how many kids do you have here? And how many kids to you have in the family, anywhere in the world, either here already or on the way? 😂 We can only laugh about it but it now makes the impact from this home even bigger! It is amazing to know as well that the parents were actually safe and could get back to the village and over the border. Who knows what they had to get through to get back so quick! We hope Grandma will be okay. More updates to follow…


We now have all the posts up, and base frame of the house complete. This is all hand sawn, nailed, levelled all without the use of modern tools. No tape measures in sight, no spirit levels, they come up with ways to do many things. Sometimes they get hold of a half broken power tool that they wire in by hand. When they use these you stay well clear! We have never seen anyone injure themselves which is a mystery within itself! As for the family, Grandma is doing better and should be able to return in the coming days. Fingers crossed she stays on the mend.

Would you like to help the kids or family even more? With so many kids and a baby we would like to help them with baby things, food, school stuff for the kids and maybe even some uniforms so they fit in. The donation link is in our bio @build.cambodia let us know specifically what you want it to go towards and we will arrange it!


Today they have built most of the frame including the roof. For the flooring they will also hand split bamboo shoots, sand and smooth over and then hand nail in the joists (the long timber beams across the base). I remember hitting my thumb many a times later on in the day when I first helped on house number 1! 😂

If you want to help this family for handover day, please go to the GoFundMe link. School stuff, food, toiletries, you choose! 👍


Walls are up, painted, stairs in, now for the finishing touches including of course, their first closable, safe, front door!
Handover is next so it’s the last chance to help arrange some extra things for these guys. We can of course go out at other times later on as well but it can be nice during handover to give the extra gifts at the same time ❤️


House 12 for family 12 is complete!! 🙌 Yes that is grandma, she is back and well. We simply can’t believe not only how quickly their lives have changed (swipe to see how they were just 1 week ago) but in the fact that this home has brought the entire family back together. At this stage the parents are most likely going to stay now and be a family! 🥰 Simply incredible.    We teared up a little bit about this, this is why the whole thing was started in the first place. Yes to help people, more importantly families, and to bring everyone, and the village back together.
Thank you to everyone that helped out, I hope you feel warm and fuzzy knowing how much you have helped but a big thank you again to @getrealfinance it’s not a plug and no they don’t finance this. The owner and team put their own money money up! ❤️