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Autumn 2023: Trends, Tips & Inspiration

Trending this Autumn

If you’re looking for a stylish and timeless look for your home, then this month’s trends of Solid Timber, Chevron style flooring and Timber Accents are the perfect start!

Trending: Solid Timber

Solid Timber is back! We have all seen the growing trend for natural products across the building and renovation industry, but the push for natural has so far that even classic styles are back in demand. In line with classic trends of archways, curved benches coming back, so has the solid, sanded and coated, traditional timber floor. The classic style boasts the most natural form of its kind. Coupled with amazing coatings that leave the flooring looking completely natural yet protected are also adding to the variety of feels a solid timber floor can give your project.

Trending: Chevron

Or French Herringbone as known by some, Chevron parquetry has been winning over traditional herringbone of late. This unique look brings a classic style but with sharp lines. This can be absolutely stunning when the placement of the pattern is considered. Can you imagine opening the doors of a beautifully finished home, and the centre line of this pattern guides your eye towards the feature of the project, or becomes the feature of the projects itself? Available in many different colours with matching full-length boards for borders, features and thresholds.

Three images of chevron flooring from a project we completed, number 67.

Trending: Vintage

Vintage is ‘the new luxury!’ Like the arches of many eras, vintage items and one-off furniture items are making a big comeback. What is more ‘vintage’, than a natural grade, higher feature, solid timber floor that tells the story of 50-60 years ago? ‘Perfect’ looking floors are no longer top of the list with more and more requests for flooring options that actually include the natural gum veins, worm holes, knots, all the types of things that were once considered ‘faulty boards’ are now on the emerging trend.

New Stained Oak colours

Four new colours, Colonial Grey, Pure Natural, Chateau Grey & Storm have been added to the following collections: De Marque Herringbone & Chevron, Prestige Oak

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