We are off to Cambodia!

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Lucky number #13 – meet the family for the next build in Cambodia (please swipe for photos of their current living situation)🧡

Bo Lup is 27 years old and a single mum to two boys: Viet Sovann (who’s seven years old and goes to school) and Viet Sovein (who’s three years old).

Bo Lup’s husband died a year ago during a traffic accident. The grandma lives close by and helps when she can, and is likely to move in once the house is built.

This family is in the same village as all but one of our previous families, so we’ll be visiting a LOTTTTT of kids in a couple of weeks.

If you want to donate via the link in our instagram (@build.cambodia) and have us purchase specific items for the kids, send us a message and we’ll organise on your behalf😁

Thanks as always!