Pentarch timber mill tour!

We went and visited our friends at Pentarch in Kyogal this month and we filmed it all for you so you can see how popular products are created such as parquetry, decking and solid timber flooring.

Visiting Pentarch Forestry’s timber mill in Kyogal was a great experience.

Once you step inside, you’re hit with the fresh timber smell. The mill is super high-tech, and you get to see how Pentarch transform raw logs into top-notch timber. They explain how they’re all about sustainable forestry.

Pentarch show you the whole process, from responsible harvesting to quality control. Watching all the skilled workers in action is mind-blowing. You leave with a deep respect for their craftsmanship and how they’re making a positive impact on the environment.

See the tour below!

See how behind the scenes of Pentarch while they create popular products like tongue and groove flooring, parquetry, decking, solid timber flooring and their sustainable timber ways.