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Winter 2023: Trends, Tips & Inspiration

What’s trending?

Winter is here, and we’re excited to share the most popular trends that will turn your space into a cozy sanctuary. Immerse yourself in cladding’s charm or embrace the inviting warmth of natural blonde tones.

Trending: External Cladding

Our external wood cladding is making waves as one of the top trends this Winter, adding a touch of natural beauty and warmth to any space. Whether you’re into modern or traditional home styles, our cladding transcends trends and maintains a timeless appeal, giving you a highly sought after aesthetic.

Trending: Natural, Blonde Tones

Natural blonde flooring is consistently a top trending choice. With its light and airy appeal, it adds a touch of effortlessness to any home. Embracing the beauty of natural wood tones, this trending flooring brings a true sense of comfort that is captivating homeowners and designers alike.

Trending: Cladding Feature Walls

Cladding feature walls have become the latest sensation, setting a new trend in interior design. The use of cladding materials adds depth and texture, instantly transforming your project into a visual masterpiece. Cladding feature walls offer a stylish way to make a statement and create a focal point in any room.

New Cork Feature Walls

A natural, elegant and modern material, Cork makes spaces more welcoming and inviting while also adding thermal comfort, reducing noise and increasing energy savings. They also make for a great (and possibly giant) pin board or mood board.

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