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Introducing Faro – Water tight real timber flooring

Quick-Step have done it again, forever innovating and bringing you the best technology in flooring. This time with a real timber floor, with a water-tight surface and joining system.

Quick-Step Watertight Timber has been a very welcome addition to the hard flooring market. Timeless, natural wood with the added peace of mind of Waterproof Surface Technology. The new Faro range comes in 10 beautiful Oak decors in a perfectly proportioned plank of:1820 x 220 x 13mm.

faro water tight flooring

Two key innovations:

Easy-To-Clean Technology: This water repellent coating protects the surface and edges from dirt and moisture, while retaining its natural, beautiful matte finish.

Watertight Click: A tight fit on all sides, paired with Hydroseal coating on all four sides of the plank, means no risk of water seeping through.

Contact the team for more onformation on Faro.