What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

The laminate floors are designed to provide you with quick installation. Simply click your floor together, and because there is no adhesive used, you can start to use your floor as soon as you have finished the installation saving some days on installation.

Can I install a timber or laminate floor myself?

Yes! These floors are designed for the homemaker to install, together with an installation kit and an instructional video, you can install your own floor and save money on labour.

What are the benefits of an engineered floor?

These floors can be laid over any hard surface eg: ceramic tiles, vinyl etc, because they are pre-coated there will be no strong odour causing you to stay away from home for hours. Simply lay the floor, wait four hours for adhesive to dry in tongue and groove, then move your furniture back onto the floor.

Can I re-coat my engineered floor?

You can re-coat your timber engineered floor as needed, depending on the wear and tear; it could be 6 or 7 years between re-coats. Laminate flooring cannot be coated, it is only a picture of timber impregnated with melamine and microscopic granules of aluminium oxide and cannot be coated at all.

Why should I buy from Marques Flooring?

There are many great reason to choose Marques Flooring for your purchase. Refer to our About Us page by clicking here to read more!

I am located in a different state/ country, can you still assist me?

Yes we sure can, and still at a GREAT PRICE! In fact Marques Flooring are not only one of the largest suppliers in QLD but also in Australia! We have freight companies set up to assist us with this or we can send products from warehouse located in each state of Australia. Some products can even be sent overseas with no problem at all.

How do I keep my floor looking like new?

Simply clear here to view our maintenance tips –> Maintenance & Floor Care

How do you have such great prices?

Being a distributor, we deal direct with manufacturers and importers. The combination of this and a long relationship enables us to get better prices and of course, pass these onto you!

Which is more durable – timber or laminate?

You must remember that it is natural timber on the engineered floor, therefore, as solid timber, the timber is prone to scratching or denting, this all depends on the treatment of your timber floor from high traffic, animals or droppages of heavy objects. Laminate, however, is very durable as it is not natural timber, the war factor on laminates are quite incredible.

Can I install timber floors anywhere in my home?

It is recommended by manufactures that installation of timber flooring in the home excludes the wet areas ie: bathrooms and laundrys etc. Contact with water or moisture will cause any form of timber floor to react, swelling, cupping etc.

It is hard to select a floor by pictures, do you have a showroom?

Yes, and as a matter of a fact, it is one of the best Showroom & Design Centres in Australia. Click for more information

What is the best way to remove glue or paint from the floor before I install my new floor?

Here at Marques Flooring we have a huge range of scrapers in all sizes available to help you with preparing your sub-floor. Simply give us a call or drop in to our shop and we will be more than happy to help you out.

I see many products I want to purchase, can you guys do delivery?

Yes we sure can. We have many different delivery options available. Simply click here and we will have it sent out to you.

How do i repair a scratch or dint in my floor?

Simply refer to our great page on maintenance and floor care by clicking here!

Can I sand and polish my own timber floor?

Yes you can! Marques Flooring has all the machinery needed available for hire and also all the products needed to get the job done. We will also be able to give you some tips and expert advice along the way! Check out our DIY page for more information.

Can I just use methylated spirits and water to clean my floor?

Methylated spirits tends to be quite strong and can be too harsh for the floor over time and can dull down the flooring. Also water and methylated spirits tends to leave a streaky finish to the floor. The recommended cleaning products both help give it a nice finish and keep its shine! Click here to view our maintenance products.