Mapeproof 1K Turbo 10kg

Single component, solvent-free, moisture curing polyurethane surface membrane with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) for waterproofing and consolidating cementitious screeds, no mixing, no waste.

Mapei Ultrabond P990 1K

Ready-to-use polyurethane one-component, solvent-free, elastic adhesive for all types of wooden flooring.

Mapei Ultrabond ECO S955 1K

One-component, solvent-free, silylated polymer adhesive with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds, for all types of parquet.

Bostik Ultraset – SF 600ml

Bostik Ultraset® SF is a one part solvent free polyurethane elastomeric adhesive formulated to adhere most types of hardwood floors.

Sikafloor Level Pro

SIkafloor Level Pro is the easiest SELF LEVELLING product to use for concrete leveling on the market and offer the greatest strength once cured. Level Pro can be used to level from feather finish all the way up to 50mm in one go. Level Pro is available in 20Kg bags and is simply mixed with water. Level Pro Primer is also available for better adhesive where needed, eg. oily slabs.

Selleys VBS

Selleys VBS is also a 2 part single coating system. VBS or Vabour Barrier as the name suggest prevents moisture from passing through the slab into your new timber flooring. VBS, made by selleys is available in 12kg Kits doing approximately 20m2 each. Selleys VBS is compatable with Selleys Direct stick adhesive and is one of the best products on the market. Selleys comes as a kit in a easy to mix formula and can either be rolled or brushed out. Flooring can then be adhered to moisture barrier after 8 – 12 hours depending on conditions.

Mapeproof 1K Turbo

MapeProof 1K Turbo is a single pack, solvent free moisture barrier ade by Mapei. Each 10L kit will cover 100m2 and is a rapid setting product meaning a timber floor can be laid over the top in just 2 hours!