Price Range

Circular Saw-Plunge Saw TS 55

The Festool TS 55 is not your standard circular saw. The saw rides on a guide rail, or track, providing accuracy and versatility allowing it to replace the world's most advanced cabinet saws, miter saws and panel saws. The TS 55 track saw delivers precise, splinter free, glue ready cuts and only takes seconds to setup.

Cleantex CT 36

To complete your Festool set up, or just as separate vacuum, the Cleantex is for you. This 36L vacuum features the reliable Hepa filter ensuring maximum dust extraction right down to the tiniest of particles. The Cleantex also features an automatic start/stop plug where you can plug your machine such as a Rotex 150mm straight into the vacuum.

Orbital Brushless Sander (150mm)

Low profile, low vibration, light weight continuous duty sanders Available in both a extra-fine 3mm stroke, or a 5mm stroke Performance exceeding air sanders without the expense and bulk of an air system

Orbital Sander 150mm

These amazing orbital sanders are quiet and very powerful. Each machine has perfect ergonomics, Stepless speed adjustment and a secure sanding pad break for more comfort when working for long periods.

Rotex Sander – 3 in 1 machine (150mm)

The amazing Rotex sander is a 3 in 1 machine. This lightweight 2.3kg machine is a coarse sander, fine sander and polisher all in one. Comprising of 2 modes at the flick of a button, the Rotex can be switched to a heavy duty sanding mode which is so powerful you could pretty much stand on the machine and it wont stop!

Rotex Sander – 4 in 1 Machine (90mm)

Switch from sanding with a round pad to a delta-shaped pad in seconds, no tools required Aggressive sanding mode is gear-driven and allows quick removal of material or stubborn finishes Random orbital mode provides astonishing finish sanding results with ease Polishing mode and accessories offer the ability to product a brilliant, gleaming shine on nearly any surface Lightweight, ergonomic design well-suited for tight spaces and extended use