Price Range

Bona 10″ Belt Sander

The Bona Belt Sander is the most versatile sanding machine in Australia. The Bona Belt is available as a 200 mm (8 inch) belt sander, a 250 mm (10 inch) belt sander, a 250 mm conventional drum sander or a ‘combination’ belt/drum sander that effectively gives you two machines in one.

Bona Belt HD

The Bona Belt HD is a true heavy duty machine with tremendous power. A unique dual-speed pulley system and infinite drum pressure adjustment gives you total versatility and guarantees great results no matter the floor type of timber species.

Bona Diamond Disc For Flexisand 1.5

Bona Diamond Disc is the standard disc delivered with diamond segments mounted on the plate. Diamond segments are suitable for most sanding purposes on concrete floor and will maintain the same sharpness during their entire lifetime.

Bona Dual Edge

The Bona DualEdge is a steering sander that is extremely easy to operate due to the counter rotating 100 mm dualhead discs. The discs deliver forgiving sanding action, stability, high speed, and drive the dust towards the dust extractor.

Bona Edge

The Bona Edge is part of the most ergonomically designed and powerful range of edgers on the market. Available with either a 130 mm or 230 mm arm the 2 kW motor gives a disc speed of 3000 rpm meaning it will easily handle the toughest floors.

Bona Flexi-Sand 1.5

Bona FlexiSand 1.5 is a powerful and flexible machine that can be equipped with different drive plates for a wide variety of floor preparation jobs. With its powerful 1.5 kW motor and robust construction, it operates smoothly and easily even with heavy jobs.

Bona Power Drive

Effective and easy to operate, the Bona Power Drive transforms bare wood sanding into a smooth, simple and manageable process. With this new development, the all-purpose Bona FlexiSand Pro System is now able to perform even more demanding sanding tasks, while also delivering exceptional results for pre-cleaning, oiling and polishing

Lagler 8″ Hummel

The HUMMEL® belt sanding machine is the best-known floor sanding machine in the world, with thousands of models in use across the globe. Mature, long-life technology for perfect sanding quality and enormous machine power have made it the undisputed number one system for parquet floor finishing for decades.

Lagler Elan Edge

The ELAN is the light and flexible universal machine popular with both professionals and rental companies. With its low machine weight and extraordinary manoeuvrability, the ELAN is not only extremely suitable for sanding edges and areas of wooden flooring underneath radiators, but for wooden staircases as well.