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Polycure Aquapro Sealer 8020 5L

AQUAPRO 8020 sealer is a single pack, clear, water based sealer for use on interior timber, parquetry, particleboard and cork flooring. AQUAPRO 8020 has very low VOC (solvent) content and contains no formaldehyde or isocyanates making it safer for applicators, building occupants and the environment. AQUAPRO 8020 is easy to apply, non yellowing, high solids and easy to sand. AQUAPRO 8020 Water Based Sealer provides an ideal first coat in an AQUAPRO Water Based coating system.

Prime Intense

Prime Intense is a 100% polyurethane water-based sealer designed to reduce ‘tannin bleed’ in timber species such as Blackbutt. Tannin bleed describes a phenomenon where a blotchy, green look is seen after applying water-basedcoatings on timber species containing high amounts of tannin; this effect is most noticeable with Blackbutt. Intense gives a greater depth and colour compared to other waterborne primers and is suitable for use on most timber species. Intense is compatible with all Bona top coats.

Polycure Aquapro 8270 5L

AQUAPRO 8270 Advance 2K is a high performance, two pack, water based floor finish recommended for application to interior parquetry, timber, particleboard and cork flooring. AQUAPRO 8270 Advance 2K has exceptional abrasion resistance and excellent chemical and black heal mark resistance (BHMR). Highly suitable for commercial and high traffic environments.

Mapei Ultracoat Toning Base A+B 6L

Two-component, water-based toning undercoat with high insulating properties with low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), no NMP for preparing solid and pre-sanded wooden floors and wooden floors under repair prior to applying ULTRACOAT water-based finishing cycles.

Mapei Ultracoat High Traffic 5L

Two-component, 100% polyurethane water-based varnish with high resistance to wear and abrasion with low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for wooden floors. Suitable for floors subject to extremely high pedestrian use.

Mapei Ultracoat Premium Base A+B 6L

Two-component, NMP-free, water-based undercoat with low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and high insulating capacity, for preparing solid and pre-sanded wooden floors and wooden floors under repair for water-based finishing cycles.

Bona Traffic Natural

There is something special about wood. Imagine a system which allows you to have the feel of wood whilst hardly changing the look of the surface. Walking on to a Traffic Natural floor you can barely see the protective coating only what appears to be an unfinished timber floor and yet Traffic Natural has a resistance to wear designed for commercial environments. Not only can you see the natural appearance of the wood but the surface feels like wood under your feet.

Bona White

Bona White is a water-based primer for untreated wooden floors designed to give an enhanced whitewashed appearance on lighter timber species. The intensity and depth of colour can be controlled by the number of applications.

Bona Traffic HD

Bona Traffic HD is a water-based 2 component top coat designed for use in public areas subject to very high levels of traffic. Traffic HD offers fantastic scratch, scuff and chemical resistance combined with a significantly higher wear resistance compared to the already high standards of Bona Traffic. Add to this a 40% lowering of the solvent content and early development of all of the performance factors which means that after 24 hours Traffic HD is already able to be put back into full use. Bona Traffic HD should be used together with Bona Prime Intense, Classic or White. Available as Satin and Extra Matt.

Bona Traffic HD Anti Slip

Bona Traffic HD Anti-slip has been designed to bring all of the benefits of Bona Traffic HD together with performance that meets the requirements for slip resistance for timber flooring in commercial buildings. Bona Traffic HD Anti-slip surpasses the P3 rating needed for floors and staircases in both commercial and domestic buildings whilst giving excellent performance with regard to wear, scuff and scratch resistance.

Bona Traffic

Bona Traffic is one of Bona’s most hard-wearing finishes and is being used to protect timber floors at museums, shops and other commercial sites around the globe. The well proven formula has excellent application properties making it particularly suitable for covering large commercial areas. Bona Traffic provides a clear, non-yellowing finish with exceptional durability. With almost twice the wear resistance of ordinary water-based finishes Traffic is recommended for high traffic domestic and commercial situations.

Bona Mega

Bona Mega is a one-component 100% polyurethane water-based top coat that uses oxygen from the air as a Crosslinker thus the addition of an external Crosslinker or Hardener is not required. Bona Mega has a high resistance to wear making it suitable for domestic and light commercial areas. Mega should be used together with Bona Prime Intense, Classic or White. Available as Gloss, Satin, Matt