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It’s the smart alternative to conventional strippers that use dangerous chemicals such as methylene chloride, NMP etc. - Always patch test Cutek CD33 Naked before use - Safe and easy way to strip - Remove multiple layers with one application - User friendly and biodegradable

Cutek Extreme Oil

When you need a professional grade finish choose Cutek Extreme. This high performing wood protection oil has been formulated by experts to control moisture and minimise warping, cupping and splitting – making your project last longer.

Cutek Lowvoc Oil

Cutek LowVOC is your answer to the search for an environmentally friendly protector for wood. It looks and performs the same as Cutek CD50, but has a lower volatile organic compound (VOC) content, meaning it’s your choice for achieving a green star project The main function of Cutek LowVOC is to minimise warping, cupping and splitting, which means exterior wood lasts longer. Choose a colourtone for added UV protection and a warm natural finish. Cutek LowVOC is NOT suitable for use on bamboo or acetylated wood.

Cutek Naked Stripper

Cutek CD33 Naked is an effective stripper that is one of the safest and mildest available. It is suitable for removing multiple layers of latex paints, stains, varnishes, linseed oils and other film forming coatings that hide the original colour and texture of wood.

Wood Preservative

Cutek Wood Preservative is an oil-based wood stabiliser used for pre-treatment and remedial treatment of exterior wood in industrial and domestic situations. Cutek Wood Preservative coated wood resists damage caused by fungal decay, mould and termites. Cutek Wood Preservative also protects exterior woods from moisture, improving dimensional stability and minimising warping, cupping, and splitting.