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TKS 80 SawStop 254mm Table Saw

Every year approximately 4,000 people are injured on circular saws, corresponding to 16 injuries per working day. Around 26% of serious accidents even result in an accident pension (German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) statistics ‘Accidents at work 2017). With the new TKS 80 table saw, the risk of most serious cutting injuries during sawing is reduced. While you concentrate on your work, we protect your most valuable tools – your fingers.

Mirka DEROS 77mm hand sander 5mm Orbit

Small size. Big performance. The Mirka® DEROS 350CV is a unique 77mm direct electric random orbital sander especially developed to tackle small sanding operations; small repairs, hard-to-reach areas, craft work and It is also suited for corrections on solid surface applications and interior furniture details.

Mirka DEROS 125/150mm Vacuum Orbit hand sander

Direct electric random orbital sander developed for effective and dust-free sanding of all kind of surfaces. The smallest and most ergonomic sander on the market is equipped with a brushless motor, which maintains constant speed even under heavy load. 125mm & 150mm use in the one machine.

Delmhorst Timber Moisture Meter

For flooring contractors, woodworkers, furniture manufacturers, QC inspectors and small mills, the J-2000 helps to keep up with ever-changing job conditions. Allows you to ensure the timber is at the correct moisture content prior to installation...

QuikBrace Hardwood Flooring Installer & Floor Clamp

There is no other machine on the market like QuikBrace. If you need to lay a floor fast and professionally – you need a QuikBrace! Install a tongue & groove floor up to 6x faster. This pneumatic machine clamps boards up tight and allows for easy secret nailing...

Polivac Sandivac SV25 or SV30 Sanding Machine

Polivac floor sanding machines are designed specially for professional sanding contractors. Over 60 years of knowledge and expertise has created the ideal machine for heavy-duty sanding. With a low speed and a high speed model available...

Polivac SV30 or SV25 Supervac Sanding Machine

Polivac floor sanding machines are designed specially for professional sanding contractors. Over 60 years of knowledge and expertise has created the ideal machine for heavy-duty sanding. With a low speed and a high speed model available...

Supa Sander Multi-head Grinder and Sander Attachment

The Original Supa Sander The Original Supa Sander is Australian designed and made. It will cut your floor preparation time in half, while saving your back and knees. The 4 x 5” diamond wheel plate attaches directly the Polivac Sander without the need more modification. The 4 rotating diamond wheel head give a smooth finish for direct sticking, removing paint, plaster & a variety of adhesives in a single pass. The Supa Sander removes the need to regularly replace sand paper. Quickly and easily replace the 4 x diamond wheels with 4 x rotating velcro backed sanding pad holders to convert the Polivac or Canterbury to a rotating 4 head sander for timber flooring sanding.

Lagler Unico Edge

UNICO is successor to the legendary edge sanding machine RANDMEISTER with innovative technology and an optimised ergonomic design. The wide wheelbase ensures absolute guidance stability, the guide tube is vertically adjustable and fitted with a swivelling guide handle. There is an optional handle located near the sanding disc.

Lagler Elan Edge

The ELAN is the light and flexible universal machine popular with both professionals and rental companies. With its low machine weight and extraordinary manoeuvrability, the ELAN is not only extremely suitable for sanding edges and areas of wooden flooring underneath radiators, but for wooden staircases as well.

Lagler Flip Edge

FLIP® means maximum efficiency for perfect, comfortable sanding of edges and corners without shoulders. The heart of the FLIP® is the powerful motor with its enormous suction power and corresponding reserves. The unexpectedly handy weight of the FLIP® is due to the abrasion-proof, glass-fibre reinforced plastic used in the motor casing, handle and attachment.

Lagler Trio

The TRIO is the versatile and powerful floor sanding machine in floor finishing. From thorough sub-floor treatment via renovation work on pre-finished parquet floors to perfect fine and intermediate sanding, the three disc sanding machine covers a comprehensive spectrum.

Lagler Super Hummer

The high-performance floor sanding machine with 300 mm sanding drum width has been designed for the efficient finishing of large-scale areas in public buildings.

ETS EC 150/3 EQ Random Orbital Sander with GQ Hose

The Festool ETS EC 150/3 random orbital sander is the ideal sander for fine and extra fine sanding. It's compact and lightweight design makes all day work tireless. With an EC-TEC brushless motor, the tool uses power more efficiently and requires less maintenance.

VAC SYS SE 1 Vacuum Clamping & Air Pump Set

The Festool vacuum clamping system makes the seemingly impossible become possible - clamping without limits. The proven vacuum-based suction clamping provides a highly effective and ergonomic work platform for any project with non-porous work pieces up to 30 kg and 1 m². High quality plastic pads ensure no marks are left behind, even on highly polished surfaces, and the lightweight, compact unit is easily transported in a systainer.

TSC 55 160 mm Cordless Plunge Cut Saw Plus Li

The cordless TSC 55 Plunge Cut Saw has an impressive speed of 5,200 revolutions per minute, allowing for perfect cut quality and fast working. It can operate with two 18V battery packs for maximum power or one 18V battery pack for low weight flexibility. MMC electronics provide soft start up and constant speed under load. The saw sits easily on a guide rail for perfect straight guidance and exact cuts, even on an angle.

SSU 200 Univers 200 mm Sword Saw Plus FS

The SSU 200 Univers Sword Saw cuts all standard materials used in the timber construction industry from wood to hard insulating materials, providing precision cuts up to 200 mm deep with ease. The FastFix interface allows you to change or tension the chain in no time, without tools. A variety of chains are available for different applications including a universal chain which is ideal for rip and cross cuts, a longitudinal chain which is perfect for rip cuts and an ISO chain for cutting both flexible and compression resistant insulation materials.

RTSC 400 Cordless 1/4 Sheet Orbital Sander Plus

The cordless and compact RTSC orbital sander gives you unparalleled mobility and freedom of movement when working. It has a 2 mm sanding stroke and is ideal for achieving an outstanding surface quality when finishing or pre sanding. The powerful 18V Ergo battery pack with 3.1 Ah ensures cordless freedom with plugged-in performance. The battery is the key to an extremely compact design with balanced weight distribution and perfect ergonomics, weighing just 1.4 kg.

RTS 400 REQ 1/4 Sheet Orbital Sander Plus

Weighing in at just 1.2 kg with perfectly balanced weight distribution the RTS 400s compact ergonomic design makes work easy and non tiring. Finish faster with up to 25% higher rate of material removal. The new MMC control electronics ensures that no load speed equals working speed, transmitting the 250 W of power directly onto the working surface.

RS 200 EQ 1/2 Sheet Orbital Sander Plus

The RS 200 direct drive orbital sander is designed to produce an outstanding fine sanding finish over large surfaces. It's 2.4 mm sanding stroke, direct drive and the ability to sand into corners, along three edges of the sanding pad, make it the ideal machine for light sanding of doors or large furniture surfaces. The balanced centre of gravity and additional hand grip mean you can work all day on vertical surfaces without tiring.