Are you looking to Do It Yourself?
Or do you need additional machinery for a big job coming up?

We have the full range of professional machines available for hire. We also stock all of the accessories required to complete the job. We can also assist with demonstrations and advice on how to use the machinery to achieve the best finish.

8 Inch Belt Sander (Lagler Hummel)

For the main part of sanding a timber floor, the most important part of the job.


Floor Polisher (Polivac SV30)

For the fine sanding & buffing between coats.


Edge Sander (Clarke Super 7)

For the heavy and fine sanding of around the edges of the floor.


Edge Sander Long Nose (Gecko Star)

Far hard to reach places, under cabinets and around the edge of the floor.


Secret Nailer

To install tongue & groove floors. Fires staples or nails into the tongue of the board so they cannot be seen


Compressor & Hose

For use with the Pneumatic Secret Nailer


Overlay Manual Secret Nailer (Powernailer 50C)

A manual secret nailer, used specifically for overlay (12-14mm) flooring


Nail Punch (Basso)

To punch down face nails into the floor before re-sanding.

Magnum Guillotine

Laminate Cutter/Guillotine (manual)

Powerless and dustless laminate cutter

NIlfisk Vacuum

Backpack Vacuum (Nilfisk)

Handy backpack vacuum

Multimaster battery

Multi-tool (Fein Multimaster)

For precision cuts as well as undercutting door jams, skirtings and gyprock