Timber Flooring – Traditional Engineered Timber Cork Floors & Walls Laminate Flooring Vinyl/Hybrid Flooring
Timber Flooring – Traditional Engineered Timber Cork Floors & Walls Laminate Flooring Vinyl/Hybrid Flooring

With so many options on the market it can be confusing which type of flooring you should go for.  Here we break down each type in simple form to help you choose the perfect product for you.

Ps. For the budget driven, they are in order from most expensive to most cost effective.

Let us help you make the perfect choice

Timber Flooring – Traditional

Also known as Tongue & Groove flooring or parquetry, solid timber is the traditional method of flooring, most commonly in Australian species.

Solid Timber flooring or Parquetry is the most labour intensive option which also requires on-site sanding, coating and sometimes staining.

This can also be a benefit for many as it allows for the selection of custom finishes or stains, it also allows for custom patterns or designs.

Pros: Waterproof and underlay backed products for DIY
Cons: The most labour intensive option

European Oak Versailles Panels
Amato Creamy White Oak Extra Matt

Engineered Timber

The beauty of real timber, but engineered to a plywood constructed base and in most cases pre-coated. This provides a very stable option with a huge range of species, colours, stains, sizes, textures and grains.

Engineered Flooring is the modern age version of timber flooring with many options and is also suited for DIY.

Our range of Engineered Flooring can also be re-sanded and stained, just like a solid timber floor to give you many years of natural beauty.

Pros: Cost effective, stable, huge range of stunning options
Cons: None!

Cork Floors & Walls

The most environmentally friendly product on the entire flooring market. Cork Flooring includes the older traditional cork floors just like your grandparents floor, but these days it includes a whole lot of new age products in stunning designs and patterns.

These include pre-finished boards that can be easily installed and in some cases re-sanded like traditional Cork. The Cork of today is nothing like you have seen before.

Pros: Environmentally friendly with many benefits
Cons: Smaller range of colours and styles

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

By far the most durable range of products on the market. Laminate is a timber fibre board, compressed and finished with a decorative veneer or texture on the surface.

By far the easiest DIY product that provides stunning realistic appearance with the most durable finish on the market. Available in water-resistant and water-proof options.

Pros: Almost bulletproof and realistic at the same time.
Cons: There are a lot of cheap low quality brands to avoid.

Vinyl/Hybrid Flooring

What used to be an old tired product has been making a comeback in recent years. Providing beautiful ranges of products in a waterproof plank.

Made from various different types of plastics, compressed together and finished with a decorative veneer, vinyl or hybrid provides another great DIY product.

A note of caution, these products have flooded the market in recent years with many cheap versions resulting in many problems, some even claiming to be made of stone. Be sure to research beforehand and check with the experts.

Pros: Waterproof and underlay backed products for DIY
Cons: A lot of failing products on the market

TID038 Titan Vinyl Glue Rustic Oak